Church Builders’ Museum


Address: Nikkarintie 2, 54800 Savitaipale   Map>>>

Inquiries: 0400 665615, 05 4160813, 0400 615566

Opening times: 16th June-4th August: Sun 11-14 and by prior arrangement

Admissions: voluntary




Owned by the Savitaipale Regional History Association, the Church Builders’ Museum was founded in 1989. The museum is housed in the bell tower standing next to the church of Savitaipale.

The museum is dedicated to the work of the famous church builders from Savitaipale, Juhana and Matti Salonen, and Taavetti Rahikainen; they are best known today as builders of churches incorporating a double cruciform design (kahtamoinen).

The Church Builders’ Museum is a specialised museum, dedicated in its entirety to the masterful feats of the master builders of their era.


The museum building dates from 1779, but was altered by Taavetti Rahikainen in the 1840s. One of the bell towers houses a series of separate exhibitions consisting of various objects and photographs which illustrate the history of church building. Also on display are church builders’ tools and a scale model of a cross section of the building’s shingle roof.

In the bell tower visitors can admire religious objects and ecclesiastical textiles and furnishings. Pews, hymn boards and marriage stools represent fine examples of craftmanship of their day. The exhibition also features a scale model of Savitaipale Church, which was later destroyed by fire. Also well worth a look are the handsome old church organ and the stocks, dating from 1830.


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