D.E.D. Europaeus Museum


Address: Olkkolantie 2 Savitaipale kk. Olkkolan hovi    Map >>>

Inquiries:  0400 615566

Opening times: for groups by prior arrangement

Admissions: adults 1 €, children 0,50 €

Website >>>




The Europaeus Museum was founded in 1999 to tell the life story and to illustrate the extensive work of the folklorist and archeologist D. E. D. Europaeus (1820-1884). The museum, housed in a small timber building, stands next to the Olkkolan Hovi Manor in Savitaipale. The actual museum building is owned by the municipality of Savitaipale, whilst the Europaeus Society is in charge of the museum’s activities.

David Emmanuel Daniel Europaeus was an individualist who followed his own star. His entire life falls within the period (1809-1917) when Finland was a Grand Duchy within the Russian Empire. He moved with equal ease in the intellectual circles of his era (which included the other famous folklorist Elias Lönnrot) and among the ordinary folk. During his extensive research trips Europaeus collected folklore, studied languages and took a keen interest in archaeology.


The permanent exhibition of the museum is devoted to material relating to the life of Europaeus, and includes his family tree and his written work. The museum also features his study, furnished as it would have been in his day. In addition to Europaeus, the museum also illustrates the history of Savitaipale and of the Olkkola Manor.

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