Forest Cottage Museum – ”Virkin Salotupa”


Address: Joutseno, Korvenkylä, Salotuvantie       Map >>>

Inquiries: (05) 453 4263

Opening times: in July Sat – Sun  12 noon – 3 pm

4. – 5.7.2020  12 – 15
11. – 12.7.2020  12 – 15
18. – 19.7.2020  12 – 15
25. – 26.7.2020  12 – 15



Situated in Joutseno’s Korvenkylä area near Ahola village, the Forest Cottage Museum is now owned by the Joutseno Regional History Society. The cottage was donated to the Society in 1985 by Selma and Tyyne Virkki.

Forest cottages were a common feature in villages in the Joutseno region. The cottage donated by the Virkki family was built at the end of 19th century. According to ancient tradition, the cattle were taken to distant forests for the whole summer. At isolated forest cottages, women and young girls tended and milked the cows and also made buttermilk and butter. This cottage was situated at a distance of about 6 km from the Virkki farmstead, and was last used for its original purpose in 1972. Today a museum, the cottage gives a rare insight into traditional dairy farming and agricultural working life.


The Salotupa Cottage used to be just a hut with no chimney, which initially consisted of only one room. A small wing, the so-called ‘little rooms’, was added later; the baking oven also underwent a series of alterations in the 1920s. The main room features a collection of traditional farmhouse furniture. On the left in the porch, there is a rack which holds the sickles and other objects. In the chamber, there is a sleeping area and a place where clothes were kept.

Food and crockery were kept in the pantry (sulani) which today features a collection of various old dishes and old-fashioned food containers. The dairy chamber was built at the end of the porch facing north, on a stone footing. The aspen flooring was as thick as an entire timber plank, in order to keep the room cool.

Near the Salotupa Cottage there is also a cowshed where cows, chickens and a pig would find shelter for the night. The outbuildings also included a small barn or latukka, another barn called sarrain and a smoke sauna.


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