Kotkaniemi – The Home of a Former President of Finland, P. E. Svinhufvud


Address: Kotkaniemi, Lappeenrannantie 455, 54530 Luumäki    Map >>>

Inquiries: +358 40 522 7553

Opening times: http://www.kotkaniemi.fi/





Located in Luumäki near Highway 6, Kotkaniemi offers the visitor an excellent insight into the life and home of Pehr Evind Svinhufvud, the third president of the Republic of Finland, and his wife, Ellen Svinhufvud (1869-1953). In its present form, Kotkaniemi has been open to the public since the year 2000, when the artefacts housed in the Svinhufvud Museum (which was under the administration of the municipality of Luumäki) were transferred to Kotkaniemi.


Completed in 1895, the wooden main building of Kotkaniemi was designed by architect Lars Sonck. Kotkaniemi was the home of President Svinhufvud from 1908, when he was appointed the District Judge of Lappee. Based in Kotkaniemi, Svinhufvud also carried out the numerous tasks pertaining to State administration which became his responsibility: he was the Speaker of the Eduskunta (Finnish Parliament) from 1907 to 1912, Procurator in 1917, President of the Senate from 1917 to 1918, Prime Minister from 1930 to 1931, and President of the Republic from 1931 to 1937.


The Svinhufvuds so enjoyed their life at Kotkaniemi that even during the years of Svinhufvud’s presidency, they often spent time there. The President devoted his time to shooting practice on his private shooting range, whilst his wife looked after the garden and her farmyard animals which included chickens, sheep – and even foxes. The Svinhufvuds had six children.





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