Nuijamaa Parish Museum


Address: Tassiantie 4, 54230 Nuijamaa    Map >>>


Opening times: on Sundays 7.6. – 9.8.2020 11 am – 1 pm

Closed on Sunday 21.6.2020

Admissions: free



The Nuijamaa Parish Museum is located at Nuijamaa in the border zone which separates Finland and Russia. Founded in 1979 by the Nuijamaa Association, a regional history society, the museum is housed in a former granary built in 1910.



The exhibition areas are spread over two floors. The downstairs exhibition traces the history of Nuijamaa up to the Winter War (1939-40). A separate area is devoted to an exhibition illustrating rural peasant culture. The displays here include a variety of fishing equipment and objects relating to the handling and processing of grain. On this floor visitors can also examine a collection of cobbler’s tools and a pre-war classroom, which bring the past to life. On display are also medical equipment belonging to the district midwife, and an incubator for premature babies. In rural districts like this, the midwife generally got around by bicycle. The glass showcases contain various items which give an insight into the history of Nuijamaa. On view here are many objects dating from the Second World War, including various ersatz goods.

The upstairs exhibition area houses the furnished interior of the home of a family of evacuees. In this border area, families often had to leave their homes at short notice: the family depicted in this exhibition has had to abandon their home consisting of one main room and a bedroom, taking with them only the bare necessities. The upstairs area also houses a small meeting room.



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