Parikkala Sculpture Park


Address: Kuutostie 611, Koitsanlahti   Map >>>


Open:  24/7

Admissions: free entrance




The sculpture park in Parikkala, close to the Russian border in Finland and built by self-taught artist Veijo Rönkkönen (1944–2010), is probably the easternmost outsider art environment in Europe. In 2011 we founded an association to safeguard the park’s future; volunteers offer their time and expertise to preservethe unique site and to broaden the scale of activities carried out there.

Veijo Rönkkönen, who worked at the paper mill, started sculpting concrete statues in the early 1960s. For fifty years, until his death, he dedicated all his spare time to making his original art. There are some 500 different and skilfully executed statues, mostly human figures, as well as an amazing garden on the site.

The park’s future was threatened after its creator’s death until entrepreneur Reino Uusitalo purchased the site. Now the park’s operations are developed by the owner, the Union for Rural Education and Culture projects carried out with EU and Leader funding and the support association. The park employs a guide, who does the gardening and shows Rönkkönen’s art to visitors. The park is visited by as many as 30,000 people every year.

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