Rautjärvi Local Museum


Address: Kuntalanraitti 13, 56710 Miettilä.   Map >>>

Contact:  Matti Kuusa, Tel. 050 3383 035

040 8217 325 and 040 506 3893

Open: 7. – 18.7.2020 Tue-Sat 10-16

27.6.2020  10-16
9.8.2020  10-16

Admissions: –



The updated exhibition of the Rautjärvi Local Museum was opened to the public in 2001. From 1978, the museum was housed in an old parish hall near Rautjärvi Church until 1996, when the building was closed for repairs. Today, the museum is situated in the former health centre in the historical Miettilä Garrison area, where it is an integral part of the Kollaa Museum. The Rautjärvi Local Museum is open by prior arrangement.



Three rooms in the museum building have been refurbished for use as exhibition premises. The largest room features an impressive display of various agricultural and domestic tools and implements, used in the Rautjärvi area at the end of the 19th century and in the early 20th century. A collection of various fishing equipment and cobbler’s tools is also on display.

A separate room has been devoted to the museum’s textile collection. The same room is also home to a loom and various tools, such as a flax brake, relating to flax processing. The museum’s special feature is a virsikantele (a traditional musical instrument, the Finnish zither) and a bow, both owned by Juho Luumi (1825-1922) who was the organist of Ruokolahti Church. These instruments are displayed in a special showcase.


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