The Röytty House Museum


Address: Leikonrannantie 1, 54920 Taipalsaari   Map >>>

Museums, café, Taipalsaari handicrafts by Taipalsaaren käsityöläiset ry

Open: 17.6. – 9.8.2020
Wed – Fri 11-17, Sat 11-15, Sun 11-17


Official military residence and inn

The Röytty House Museum is situated next to the church in the village of Taipalsaari. This house was first mentioned in 1680 as an official military residence: for a short time, Röytty served as an official residence for lieutenants of the Swedish Army. However, under the terms of the Treaty of Turku in 1743, the entire region of Taipalsaari was handed over to Russia, after which Röytty House became an inn. Throughout the 19th century and until 1937, the house served as a place of rest and refreshment for travellers. The last innkeeper was Viktor Rikkonen. His nephew, Veikko Rikkonen, handed the house over to the municipality of Taipalsaari in 1988. In 1996, the Röytty House was opened as a museum.

At present, Röytty House mainly serves as a café and restaurant, run by a private entrepreneur. The business and the objects on display in the rooms, related to inn traditions and the history of Röytty and Taipalsaari, seek to pay tribute to the house’s past life as an inn. While enjoying a meal or a cup of coffee, visitors can watch interesting videos on the history of the Röytty House and Taipalsaari. A high-quality sales exhibition by Taipalsaaren Käsityöläiset – Taipalsaari handicrafts, is housed also in the Röytty House. For sale at the exhibition is a diverse range of traditional and new handicrafts from Taipalsaari.


A row of five storehouses made of logs is situated closest to the Röytty House Museum. There, a collection of old agricultural tools, illustrating the history of Taipalsaari, is on display. The storehouses where people used to sleep in summer, and those used for clothes storage, host a display of textiles and old laundry tools, from washboards to a manually operated washing machine from the 1930s. The dairy building houses an old milk separator along with wooden flasks, whilst the agricultural storehouses contain a collection of men’s work tools and a pair of bellows used by the local blacksmith. The granary is fitted with large grain bins, old measuring cups and buckets for grain, and scythes.

Museum of Horse-Drawn Vehicles

Established by the Taipalsaari Horse Breeding Association and housed in one of the outbuildings, the museum was opened to the public in 1996. Horse-drawn vehicles are displayed on two storeys, featuring vehicles for travel, transport and agricultural work, and objects related to caring for horses and trotting racing. The sleighs, valuable chaises and agricultural machines bear witness to the key role of horses in an agricultural society.

The museum also houses a photographic exhibition, with horse-themed pictures beginning from the 1930s. A rare series of pictures, featuring four generations of trotting racing drivers from a Taipalsaari family, forms part of the exhibition.


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