Lemi Local History Museum


Address: Vainikkalantie 6, 54710 Lemi

Inquiries: Tel. 040 5280229 , http://www.lemi.fi, http://www.museosara.fi

Opening times: https://www.museosara.fi/index.php?p=1 

Services: Shop, särä available by prior arrangement .

Admissions: voluntary




Founded in 1958, the Lemi Local History Museum is located in the village of Lemi near the beautiful village church. The museum was opened to the public in 1968.  The museum is also known as Särätupa, a place where visitors can sample särä, the local delicacy.

By prior arrangement, you can feast on särä, the traditional South Karelian dish made of mutton and potatoes and baked in a wooden trough in a slow oven. The dish is served with rieska bread and home-brewed beer, and is followed by raisin soup, a delicious dessert made of raisins and thickened with potato flour. Särä is in fact has been voted as one of the Seven Wonders of Finland; it is available in the main room or the back room of the museum!

The Lemi Local History Museum is open in summer, and by prior appointment.



On display in the museum porch are various objects formerly used in a farmhouse, such as fishing nets, sickles and scythes. The back room also houses a small shop where visitors can buy souvenirs made by craftspeople from Lemi and elsewhere in South Karelia.

In addition to the main building, which is brought here from Valkeala, the site also has a few outbuildings. The courtyard of the museum is flanked by an impressive row of granaries and storehouses where you can examine working tools which were used by both men and women, as well as interesting textiles. Set in the courtyard are also an old windmill, a well equipped with a winch, and a smoke sauna.


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Inquiries, Pekka Kuukka


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