Parikkala Local History Museum

Parikkala Local History Museum, known as Hauta-Olli’s Cottage, the Dairy Museum and Pitäjäntupa local history museum

Address: Kirkkokatu 6, Parikkala     Map >>>

Contact:  Tel. 040 6849 558,

Open:  11.6. – 3.8.2018

Mon 9 – 16, Tue – Thu 9 – 17, Fri 9 – 15

6. – 17.8. Mon– Fri 10 – 16

Admissions: free



The Parikkala Dairy Museum and Local History Museum, known as Hauta-Olli’s Hut, are located in the same courtyard as the Parikkala Handicraft Centre. You can visit these museums by borrowing the key from the Handicraft Centre. From the attractive courtyard of the Parikkala Local History Museum, a footpath leads to the municipal Handicraft Centre, which has an excellent gift shop.

The Parikkala Parish House

The Parikkala Handicraft Centre is housed in the former parish house, built in 1834. It is the second-oldest building in Parikkala.

For the first ten years, the house was a smoke hut, i.e. without a chimney, until an oven with a chimney was built in 1844. There is a mention of the parish house as early as in the late 17th century. Over the years, the house has been used for many purposes.

Located next to the church, the house served country people visiting the church village, by providing them with a place to rest and change clothes. People ate their meals there and changed shoes, since they could not wear their everyday boots to church. Parishioners stayed overnight in the house when visiting the village. The schoolmaster and churchwarden taught people to read and to recite the catechism before confirmation.

In the late 1890s, the decision was made to build a room in the house for district court sessions and, in 1912, another room was added for the savings bank. The bank operated in the same premises until 1951. An old safe and vault still located in the house illustrate the building’s history as a financial institution.

The Dairy Museum

In 2004, the Parikkala Dairy Museum was moved from Meijerisaari (dairy island) in Särkisalmi to Parikkala, next to the Local History Museum.

In the three display rooms of the small dairy, visitors can encounter dairy work as it was performed in the early 20th century. The displays include objects used for handling milk and making cream and butter. Items exhibited in the dairy hall include a wooden butter table, milk separators and churns. In the store room (the ‘milk room’) you can see moulds used for making butter. The room next door has been furnished to resemble the office of the dairy supervisor in the early 1900s. She had her own room and a strictly specified set of working clothes, also on display here.

Parikkala Local History Museum known as Hauta-Olli’s Hut

The Parikkala Local History Museum, also known as Hauta-Olli’s Hut, is located in the village of Parikkala near the church. This museum, founded in 1985, is owned by the Municipality of Parikkala.

Hauta-Olli’s Hut displays farmhouse objects from the early 1900s. The one main room of the building features the furnished interior of a typical farmhouse from the early 20th century, complete with dining table and some crockery. The bedchamber houses an exhibition illustrating the history of Parikkala. A separate area is devoted to a collection of wooden farmhouse objects dating from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, including churns, baskets, sickles and scythes.

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