South Karelia Art Museum

Post address: PL 239, 53101 Lappeenranta

Street address: Kristiinankatu 8-10   Map >>>

Inquiries: (05) 616 2256, (05) 616 2261

Opening times: Summer: mon – fri 10-18, sat – sun 11-17. Winter: tue – sun 11-17.

Services: museum shop

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Founded in 1965, the South Karelian Art Museum initially occupied the same premises as the South Karelian Museum of Cultural History, at the northern tip of the Lappeenranta Fortress. In the 1980s, the Art Museum moved to its present site in the neoclassic-style barracks (built in 1798), opposite the Orthodox Church. In 1986, the Art Museum became the Regional Art Museum of South-East Finland.

Located next to the reception there is also the museum shop Sulotar, which stocks a selection of books, art cards, jewellery, ecologic products etc..



The museum is home to a collection of Finnish art from the mid-19th century to the present day. The museumís largest single collection of old Finnish art was accumulated by Viipurin Taiteenystävät ry (Vyborg Friends of Art); this collection includes works by many well-known artists such as Arvi Liljelund, Pekka Halonen, Tyko Sallinen, Hjalmar Munsterhjelm and Jalmari Ruokokoski. The collection has paintings by artists who were active in Vyborg or were born there. The contemporary art collections on the other hand focus in particular on art from south-east Finland, and include paintings by Leena Luostarinen, Unto Ahjotuli, Anne Tompuri, Irmeli Tarmo, Eeva Vesterinen, Heimo Suntio and Sinikka Kurkinen.

Every year, the Art Museum also stages between three and four temporary exhibitions which feature both the latest trends in the world of art and works representing earlier periods in the history of art.



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