The Mooses Putro Home Museum


Address: Karhunpääntie 101, 54930 Levänen   Map >>>

Contact:  Tel. 050 596 6124, 045 132 9191




The Mooses Putro Home Museum, owned by the Mooses Putro Memorial Foundation registered in 2012, is located in the Karhunpää village in scenic Putronniemi, Taipalsaari.

The home museum’s small gift shop sells the Mooses Putro book, music by Putro, literature on Ingria, and postcards. Various traditional events are arranged in the courtyard in the summer.

The museum is situated in the courtyard of the summer cottage acquired by the Ingrian composer, journalist and teacher Mooses Putro in the 1880s, to serve as a fishing lodge. In addition to the main building, the courtyard hosts storehouses and a former sauna building. The objects on display in the Putronniemi house and storehouses reflect the many layers of history of the Putro family.

Mooses Putro was born in Tuutari, Ingria in 1848 and vanished without a trace in St. Petersburg on 24 November 1919. He lived in St. Petersburg and worked as the organist and church school teacher at St. Mary’s church. Mooses Putro was a key cultural influence among the Ingrian people, engaged in various activities such as editing the Ingrian paper.

In the 1890s, Mooses Putro acquired the fishing lodge of merchant Abramov, originally either from St. Petersburg or Lappeenranta, depending on the source, to serve as the summer cottage of the Putro family. Several extensions were later added to the cottage.

In Mooses Putro’s day, the family spent the whole summer at the cottage. In addition to the actual Putro family, Mooses, his wife Nanna and their son, Nanna’s sisters were permanent dwellers at Putronniemi. The sisters were extremely skilled in handicrafts, and some of their magnificent work is displayed at Putronniemi.

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